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2010 summer [15 Aug 2010|05:55pm]
 wahhh LJ i always neglect u i am so sorry xD~!!
i had the best summer ever, and got to hang out with the best people ever ohhh man!!

me and corrona cosplaying!

(photo by Jerry Astro! omg yanise i hope its ok i took this off fb? :oo)

now i will post one picture from each big event :DCollapse )
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myspace royalty [25 May 2010|12:46am]
i met the queen of myspaceCollapse )
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Epcot!! [13 May 2010|01:07am]
 yay finally! Epcot post!!! :3

Read more... tons of pictures...Collapse )
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mgm / hollywood studios and islands of adventure [07 Apr 2010|11:52pm]

yay I finally finished uploading the day 2 and 3 spring break pics!

disney hollywood studios and islands of adventure under thisCollapse )
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magic kingdom! [04 Apr 2010|12:00am]

yaaaeeyy i went to the magic kingdomCollapse )
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